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calories ii don’t be thick, just add water get the sludge out of your food columns chris erskine“man of the house” in the los angeles times is a dad’s answer to life’s troubling questions in suburban los angeles. michelle singletary“the color of money” is a washington post column on personal finance that any dad will find useful. jay mathews“class struggle” is a washington post column on what works and doesn’t work in the world of education. armin brott“ask armin” in brandnewdad provides a q&a format for any questions a father may have. dr. greg ramey“family wise” offers a clinician’s advice on parenting issues. teacher sayswashington post columnist evelyn vuko provides practical advice for parents and children from a teacher’s perspective. dr. ruth petersmsnbc columnist dr. ruth peters offers timely, topical parenting tips. « hey dads, it’s our day | main | overheard » monday, june 18, 2007 some thomas trains recalled for lead paint contamination* there are times i can be overly harsh with my kids. certain things set me off, like one beating the crud out of the other. i have zero tolerance for it. another that sets me off is when my kids put toys in their mouths. i know it’s a normal thing for children to do, but i’ve read waaaaay to much about manufacturers in china, mexico and india putting brain-damaging lead into a large variety of products. a few months ago, i discarded silver and gold beads my kids were given at a family event. they were probably safe, but my kids kept putting them in their mouths. how can i be sure they are really safe? but the worst was announced with little fanfare and not even on the front pages of big newspapers: more than 25 models of hugely popular thomas the tank engine toys were recalled for excessive lead paint, reports the new york times. (apparently, causing brain damage to kids doesn’t rank all that highly. worse, i could only find a blog reference and a brief in the chicago tribune, which is in the toymaker’s home town.) these are not cheap vending machine toys. thomas trains are made of heavy wood or metal and range from $10 to $70 a piece. through mostly gifts, we have about $200 worth of the toys. and i’ve caught both my son and daughter with trains or accessories in their mouths. (even if there isn’t lead in toys, i’m not too keen on their ingesting paint flecks or plastic molecules.) i think we lucked out in this recall: none of seth’s trains matched the list, though i did take the stop and railroad crossing signs away from him. those two are on the list, but i think ours was made before the recall period. while the rc2 corporation is voluntarily recalling the thomas toys and will pay for shipping and replacing the heavy toys, what does a parent do if they think their kids ingested lead? will rc2 pay for lead tests on our children? no obvious mention of that on their website. and when will the united states finally crack down on american companies that don’t police their foreign manufacturers? sadly, i’ve had little time to write about the other big controversy: chinese firms putting antifreeze in toothpaste and melamine in pet food. i’m hardly jingoistic, but it’s enough to make me wonder if i should take all foreign-made toys and food products and toss them down the garbage chute as a precautionary measure. *update: the thomas story appeared on the new york times most e-mailed list this morning, proving that at least parents understand its significance. additional information: rc2 details on recall terms recall poster (pdf) consumer product safety commission alert on the jump are the recalled thomas trains: recalled thomas trains (see picture at top) the recall involves wooden vehicles, buildings and other train set components for young children listed in the chart below. the front of the packaging has the logo “thomas & friends wooden railway” on the upper left-hand corner. a manufacturing code may be located on the bottom of the product or inside the battery cover. toys marked with codes containing “wj” or “az” are not included in this recall. red james engine & red james’ # 5 coal tender red lights & sounds james engine & red james’ #5 lights & sounds coal tender james with team colors engine & james with team colors #5 coal tender red skarloey engine brown & yellow old slow coach red hook & ladder truck & red water tanker truck red musical caboose red sodor line caboose red coal car labeled “2006 day out with thomas” on the side red baggage car red holiday caboose red “sodor mail” car red fire brigade truck red fire brigade train deluxe sodor fire station red coal car yellow box car red stop sign yellow railroad crossing sign yellow “sodor cargo company” cargo piece smelting yard ice cream factory posted on monday, june 18, 2007 in children, games, health, letters to lael, letters to seth, mylife, opinion, parenting, recalls, society | permalink technorati tags: children, china, consumer product safety commission, cpsc, kids, lead, manufacturers, paint, recall, thomas, toy, trains comments buy a home lead testing kit at a hardware store (ace hardware usually carries them). they run $10 to $15, and are good for about 5 tests. posted by: aj | monday, june 18, 2007 at 11:48 am good idea, though we probably have 100 or more objects worthy of testing! posted by: brettdl | monday, june 18, 2007 at 11:56 am i took 2 trains and 2 signs out of henry's toy bin. i'm going to wait a bit to send them back though in case the recall expands to other trains (like the chinese dragon which s not on the list but is primarily yellow and red). posted by: rayne of terror | monday, june 18, 2007 at 12:03 pm oo, we have the chinese dragon. good point. posted by: brettdl | monday, june 18, 2007 at 02:20 pm thanks for posting this. i missed it, of course, and never would have known about it. i passed the info on to a friend who's kids have some thomas toys. it's amazing how many things from china don't fit american standards. one more point for those who are against unmonitored globalization and for buying american. i wonder if china is doing it to make things cheaper... or just from simple negligence. posted by: autumn | monday, june 18, 2007 at 03:43 pm it's all about da money. posted by: brett | tuesday, june 19, 2007 at 05:09 am relax man. honestly, do you think a kid could eat _all_ of the paint on a single toy? the problem with lead paint in the old days was that kids would be around it (whole walls or sills or whatever) all the time. is that the case with these train pieces? i doubt it. and, one little train ain't the same as a wall of paint. posted by: kc | tuesday, june 19, 2007 at 12:07 pm i don't know if i can relax about it, but you do bring up a great point: is there a higher or lower lead concentration in these toys than old house paint. anyone know? posted by: brettdl | tuesday, june 19, 2007 at 12:50 pm thanks for posting this. while i'm not likely to go on a large scale thomas roundup, it is good to know. posted by: drewsdad | wednesday, june 20, 2007 at 11:39 am thanks for posting this. while i'm not likely to go on a large scale thomas roundup, it is good to know. posted by: drewsdad | wednesday, june 20, 2007 at 11:39 am you're welcome. posted by: brettdl | wednesday, june 20, 2007 at 12:31 pm i have 2 kids myself and i know exactly what you are talking about. you never really know where a lot of these products are originating from, and who inspected them. always better to err on the side of caution. posted by: fsbo louisville | friday, june 22, 2007 at 07:51 pm hello, i am with viles and beckman, llc. we are actively investigating the current thomas the tank engine/rc2 lead toys debacle. if any parents or toy owners would like their toys to have their lead levels check (in an independent lab in massachusetts) please contact our firm. we will happily accept your toys, return them (if you so wish), and inform you of the results of the testing. thank you, chris p. for more information please email (any of the addresses below): metasaiyan45@hotmail.com marcus@vilesandbeckman.com michael@vilesandbeckman.com posted by: chris p. | wednesday, july 11, 2007 at 12:54 pm chris, i normally would strip a solicitous comment like this, but you know what? i think it's justified in this case. my only request: if you find more products with lead in them, please let me know so i can inform my readers. thanks. posted by: brettdl | thursday, july 12, 2007 at 07:08 am hostname = '.typepad.com'; post a comment checklocal(); if you have a typekey or typepad account, please sign in you are currently signed in as (nobody). sign out name: email address: (not displayed with comment.) url: remember personal info? comments: commentsignin(); commerce blog advertising works. talk about marriage -- the relationship forum.. click here for cheap motor insurance. family & friends inland empressmy sexy wife and her funny blog about our suburban life. i love her anyway. book budsmy wife’s newest site in which she reviews children’s literature. a must for parents trying to teach their kids to read. lapd wifefamily life is just a bit different when you are married to an l.a. police officer. here's the place to talk about it. photon tradermy brother provides software and other services to online commodity traders. he also is a partner at futurepathtrading and runs his own school, though it's still in development. dadlogs 2blowhards.com a family runs through it blog d'elisson blue sloth blurbomat breadandwine busy dad clare's dad dad to donor insemination daddy types daddy zine daddychip2 defective yeti digital dad f-bomb. father knows nothing flagrantdisregard frenzied daddy laid-off dad metrodad modern day dad not in kansas anymore psycho toddler rebel dad sillydad thingamababy written inc. stimulation citizen of the monthif you are in desperate need of a laugh, read neil's satirical look at life in los angeles. yad vashemthis site offers a database of 3 million jews that perished during the holocaust. eventually the site hopes to list all six million victims and their related biographical information. 2blowhards.comthese guys are intellectuals. i don’t always know what they’re talking about, but they sure do. veritas et venustasjohn massengale, a key player in the world of new urbanism, writes about modern architecture and some of its more horrific incarnations. mommylogs 4213 miles.com a mama’s rant bird nest bumblebee sweet potato graceful.blog-city half changed world henny penny inland empress raising weg seedlings & sprouts shmooed food sneak peeks vegan lunch box helpful friends leah in chicago|accidentally jewish photo albums la la lael pumpkins seth and more seth the levy's at large archives october 2007 september 2007 august 2007 july 2007 june 2007 may 2007 april 2007 march 2007 february 2007 january 2007 more... powered by typepad subscribe to this blog's feed add me to your typepad people list tools la blogs go daddy blog search engine blog rolling who links here var site="sm9thedad" copyright fair warningthe content of this site belongs to its authors. to republish posts, please find the contact information listed elsewhere on this site and please ask. usually dadtalk will say yes. thanks. â©dadtalk disclaimer the opinions expressed on dadtalk are the author(s) and the author(s) alone. we make no warranties on the accuracy of the information. any personal or financial decisions you make based on the information presented on this website are your sole responsibility only.
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